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Jan has studied Industrial design at NHIBS in Antwerp, did a Master in science – Bionica - at the Instituto Europeo di Design (CRIED) in Milan.
After a collaboration with Ottavio di Blasi and Paolo Simonetti (Milan/Italy) as an intern designer, working on various designs for companies like B&B Italia, Colombo handles, Terry Plastics etc.
Has worked for 3 years as Head of Design for RIHO International™ group (Tilburg/Holland) where he also worked as purchaser for parts of the entire group. On request of RIHO International™, Jan Puylaert opened the PROJEKT™ studio (Milan/Italy) from where the entire Design department of the RIHO group was directed, and great deal of the purchase of Italian products was iniziated.
In 2000 Jan Puylaert opened his Design&Production studio under the name WET® with which he promotes trendsetting products of high design level specialized in the bathroom area and with sales on international scale.
Thanks to the expertise of 20 years designing for the bathroom sector. Jan is consultant in design and production for companies like HAFRO Italia and several Hotel Chains.
During the years he becomes more&more involved in the actual material matter & production field when he develops together with Claudio Milioti the innovative eco-sustainable ECOPIXEL® material www.ecopixel.eu which apart from being an innovative material, aims to be a High End Designers brand in all fields.
His near future plan is to further develop ECOPIXEL and start up “the factory of the future”. A concept that should bring production and life back together.

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Jan designs, produces, advises and develops. He loves to learn and uses the latest technologies, as well as continuously researching about plastic and recycling methods.


In 2000 Jan started to commercialize his first design as independent with his own company: WET®. QUATRE MAINS™ is the world’s first double washbasin.


In this sink syphon and washbasin are integrated making the traditional syphon disappear entirely and creating space underneath it.


Free standing illuminated basin Ø 34 x 90 cm, made in Polypropylene. In a special HALF HIGH GLOSS (half lacquered) model, with specific illuminational effect.

Jan creates his own company WET® in 1999

Wishing to drive culture beyond new frontiers through products with SENSE rather than AESTHETICS, WET® is being remarked as one of the trendsetting brands that have changed the bathroom into what it is today.

LTB Light Basin™

WALL-MOUNTED led-illuminated sink. 100% recycable, LDPE (PolyEthylene) undestructable, childfriendly, antivandalism, mass-colored, light-weight (2 kg)


This special shape covers both syphon and all supply and drain attachments so that none of these are visible once mounted. When lit, it truly shines out its importance with LED appliances can illuminate the entire bathroom.

Jan designs and produces

Where the form of the product is determined by the product's creator at the time of its creation.


Shelf integrated wall mounted faucet line. The bathtub model uses the flexible attached wateroutlet for both filling the bathtub as well as for any flexible handshower application, without any extra direction-switch.


Features a high quality full brass pre-installed chromed MIXER. The shelf itself is made out of a WHITE 3mm bended aluminum sheet.


The first true “musical” washbasin. All you need is to plug in your MP3*player into this amplified sink, and your bathroom will transform into a high level concert-hall, with superb sound-quality.


The free-standing bathtub 175x85x60 cm, 100% recycable, LDPE (PolyEthylene), light-weight (34 kg). The overflow is located on the RIM of the bath to let yopu fill it up till the brim.


This sink is made of a flexible and waterproof membrane.

HOST integrated shower and wash basin


The HOST "Nominated to Compasso D'Oro 2017-2018" is a flexible and unique bathroom-SYSTEM specifically studied for the HOTEL sector in which the washbasin “hosts” all water-supplies for both washbasin and showerwall. This way no extra watersupply-connections are needed for the shower.
100% produced in Italy. Integrated appliences for both washbasin and showerwall are complete with internal connections and come with a “structural” 3mm stainless steel mounting-plate that firmly fixes the showerwall against the washbasin which therefor avoids any extra wall-brackets.
The specifically © WET developed deviator/mixer, designed by Jan Puylaert, gives water to both basin and shower splitting up the watersupply equally between the basin wateroutlet and the showergroup. No extra connections are needed since the entire group is ready mounted with all neccesary connections included.





ECOPIXEL This new method for recycling plastics, is developed by Jan together with producer Claudio Milioti. This sustainable material is composed of 100% Low-Density PolyEthylene (LDPE) and melts at 120°C. This means it can be re-melted an infinite number of times without altering its properties. Its low melting temperature means its ecological impact is also greatly reduced during the production phase. It can be melted into different shapes and colors, without homogenizing color pigments from its ‘raw’ waste material, resulting in a distinctive pixelated appearance. Each product made of ECOPIXEL® is unique because the pixel patterns are the result of the randomized mix during production. ECOPIXEL® is a 100% Italian product.
For the launch of ecopixel into the design world comes the collaboration between ecopixel and atelier mendini has led to a remarkable plastic recycling industry innovation where ‘pixelated colors and recycled plastics’ go hand in hand. Thanks to alessandro mendini’s visionary persistence, an impressive 24x24mm ‘pixel’ has been developed using shredded plastic waste as a base material for a chaise longue called ALEX.
DESIGNBOOM publication


Jan has an ongoing collaboration with a wide range of companies in both teaching and project development including HAFRO-Geromin (IT), RIHO International (NL), Travel 24 Germany, Industrial Modernisation Center of Egypt, Istituto Europeo di Design Milan, Ottavio di Blasi, B&B Italia, Canberra University in Australia, among others

Shower Column PLANE for HAFRO

Product PLANE shower column, design for HAFRO Italia, presented for the first time at the CERSAIE Bologna


WET® produces for this company, that ranks among the most famous German travel sites and is one of the longest established websites in Germany.

Production of the bathtub, sink & shower tray

Jan with its production company WET® the bathroom furnitures of the hotel chain; an independent travel organisation.

The Nouveau ®
Cairo furniture fair- Egypt

In collaboration with woodworkers in Damietta and the Marble workers in Shak El Thoban. Designed by Alexis Oskam & Jan Puylaert

Marble washbasins

In collaboration with the Marble workers in Shak El Thoban.

FURNEX 2015 / Cairo furniture fair- Egypt

Presentation of products and fair exhibition

Cofee Machine Design & Production

Where the form of the product is determined by the product's creator at the time of its creation.

In honor to Gerrit Rietveld

10 mm laser-cut, lightweight, poplar playwood, recognized like a puzzle into this unusual warm* dining chair


washbasin with integrated mirror. Design by Alexis Oskam

"unplugged" gadget 24.000 copies

“INVITATION”-gadget for the mostra: Red Light Design Event (Milano 2009), with designs of Karim Rashid, Richard Hutten, Tom Dixon, Philips, Città di Amsterdam, Fulvia Mendini, Fabio Novembre, Bram Boo, Jacco Bregonje.


In two versions: flower vase and lamp. In memory of the product Delta Vase from the dutch designer by Mart van Schijndel.


The collaboration with the Egyptian handcraft industries was fantastic; A country with hidden secrets "still now". Jan developed a line of designs for the batroom field as his speciality.

WET LED white/warm illumination

Jan has designed the own LED for WET's products: wash basins, tubs, lamps, safe box, you can use it for your products too!

HOT stove and ICM locker

The Icrownme® product-line has been specifically designed to obtain this beautiful feeling, of being special, envolving most divergent collaborations


Desingn signed Jan Puylaert from 1996


Product-line has been specifically designed to create this delightful feeling of being special, combining most harmonized collaborations: Masters of Italian industry in the modeling of iron, gold, wood, stainless steel and brass.

WET Floor

Small shape and graphic-pattern-design portray WET's “royal” touch. The base form is a “crown”, and combining all 3 tiles leads to a vast variety of floor-designs.

WET Floor - Handmade

Is a “100% ecologically sustainable” product, since it is entirely produced with environmentally harmless pigments in addition to their only pure cement and sand -basis.


Amsterdam’s famous red light district docks in Milan and move from the banks of the Dutch canals to the banks of Milan’s Naviglio Grande. Organized in collaboration with Jacco Bregonje, Pien Bennen, & G.Ilardo

Bathtubs and showercabins

Usually designed for for production in PMMA-sheet, aluminum&glass enclosures, considering specific technology and ergonomics for a mainly European but International market.

Designs involving electronics

Specifically those connected to the whirlpool and steamcabine area, are specific difficulty because of the contact between electronic devices with water and steam

World Wide Forest


The WorldWideForest.com is a story written by Jan Puylaert & Ilia Chidzey. It describes a movement that aims to reforest the world with also your help. Very soon it will be possible to buy land, at this very website, even per square meter, so to make it possible for even those with the smallest budget, to participate in this remarkable project to save our world. The WorldWideForest with the land sold will use it to increase survival rates in hardy environments: restoring, reforesting and then protecting. So transforming every single piece of property into one enormous forest for the well being of all of us.


Contact Me if you have any questions or requests, concerning design or production.